Reading Project


Contributions to the Reading Project are welcome from anyone. We try to encourage other people’s engagement with books for personal enjoyment they give and for their continuing cultural importance.

If you wish to contribute reviews to this website, please read the following which will outline the steps and conditions to do this:

Step 1

Contact us via our email or our Guestbook stating your desire to make contributions. Tell us the name and author of the book you intend to review so that we can put it up in our Currently Being Read panel on our Main Page.

Please give us a name to identify you as a reviewer on the website. It does not have to be your real name.

If you wish, you can also supply a short reviewer biography to be displayed on our About/Blog page. Examples of the style and length of biographies can be found on the About/Blog page. Please supply a photo that we can use to represent you if you wish to have a reviewer biography. This does not need to be your face (although that would be nice). It might be a favourite object or scene. Use your imagination. Biographies without pictures will receive a blank portrait, which is pretty boring.

Step 2

Read your book and review it! Reviews should be sent to the same email address found under Contacts in our Menu. Please consider some of the guidelines below for contributing to this site.


Reviews should be written formally, using proper punctuation and paragraphs. This does not mean you can’t have your own style. It is simply for the purposes of clarity. Many of the reviews for this website are over one thousand words, but there are others that are shorter. We recommend 600 to 1000 words as a starting guideline, but we’re happy to go longer if you really have something to say.

Each review should be clearly labelled in the Subject line of the email: that is, the title and author of the book and your reviewer name. Also, include the following information at the beginning of your review so that we can prepare the review for publication:

In addition to this, any suggestions for sidebar content for you review would be appreciated. We like to include extra interesting bits of information or images to the right of each review when we can.

All reviews will be checked for errors before publication and might be subject to small corrections. (This does not mean it won’t have errors! We find errors all the time and are constantly trying to eliminate them!)

We try to get reviews published within 48 hours of receiving them.


The copyright of submitted reviews remains with their author, as will any original images sent to us to be used for the purposes of review. All other images remain the property of their owners.

However, by submitting reviews and original images to the Reading Project, you understand that we reserve the right to make them available on our website in perpetuity.

No money can be paid for reviews. The Reading Project is privately run for the purposes of encouraging reading and sharing our love of reading with others. Our website takes no paid advertisements and makes no money. It is a labour of love, and your contributions can only be made out of your interest for reading.

If all that is okay with you, then thank you for your contributions!