Christmas Greetings from Lucy!

Lucy, the Reading Project dog, has been thinking hard and long about what she would like this Christmas. We told her she could have the usual doggie things that make doggies happy, but we asked her to think about what book she would like to chew on this Christmas. Her answer was unequivocal!

▼ Recent Reviews
Holiday by Stanley Middleton

31 March 2019

Come, Tell Me How You Live by Agatha Christie

28 March 2019

Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald

25 March 2019

On Fairness by Sally McManus

23 March 2019

Ina House of Lies by Ian Rankin

21 March 2019

Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth

21 March 2019

Catching Teller Crow by Ambelin Kwaymullina & Ezekiel Kwaymullina

4 March 2019

Great Apes by Will Self

2 March 2019

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by J.R.Rowling

1 March 2019

Whose Body? by Dorothy L.Sayers

23 February 2019

Arion and the Dolphin

21 February 2019

Mythos by Stephen Fry

19 February 2019

The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion

19 February 2019

The Surgeon of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester

14 February 2019

The Bone People by Keri Hulme

10 February 2019

The Reading Project is independantly run to provide reviews of books from a variety of genres, as well as engage in long-term projects of personal interest, including a reading of The Federalist Papers and all the Man Booker Prize winning books since 1969. Contributions are welcome. More information can be found in our About/Blog page.

▼ Books Currently Being Read

The Definitive Biography of Freddie Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody

The Definitive Biography of Freddie Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody
Lesley-Ann Jones

Reviewer: WaywardWoman

The Life of Freddie Mercury...

This biography of Freddie Mercury was written by rock journalist Lesley-Ann Jones, who toured widely with Queen and formed lasting friendships with the band. Jones has written her biography with access to the remaining band members and those who were closest to Mercury from childhood to death. The book focuses on the period in the 1980s when Queen began to fragment, before their Live Aid performance put them back in the frame.

STATUS: Reading

Hazards of Time Travel by Joyce Carol Oates

Hazards of Time Travel
Joyce Carol Oates

Reviewer: bikerbuddy

A Dystopian novel of the future ...

When a recklessly idealistic girl in a dystopian future society dares to test the perimeters of her tightly controlled world, she is punished by being sent back in time to a region of North America - `Wainscotia, Wisconsin' - that existed eighty years before. Cast adrift in time in this idyllic Midwestern town, she is set upon a course of `rehabilitation' - but she falls in love with a fellow exile and starts to question the constraints of her new existence, with results that are both devastating and liberating.

STATUS: Reading

Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga by Todd Alexander

Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga
Todd Alexander

Reviewer: Toriaz

About this book...

Todd and Jeff have had enough of the city. Sick of the daily grind and workaday corporate shenanigans, they throw caution to the wind and buy 100 acres in the renowned Hunter Valley wine region, intent on living a golden bucolic life and building a fabulous B&B, where they can offer the joys of country life to heart-weary souls.

Todd will cook, Jeff will renovate. They have a vineyard, they can make wine. They have space, they can grow their own food. They have everything they need to make their dreams come true.

How hard can it be?

STATUS: Reading

▼ Special Reading Projects
The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay

Reviewer: bikerbuddy

Click the cover or title to follow the papers as I read them...

I have decided to read The Federalist Papers. They are a series of 85 newspaper articles published anonymously in 1787 and 1788 in New York by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay in defense of the new American Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton

Instead of reviewing them as a book, which seems pointless, given the documents' significance, I will summarise them and make notes, instead, and generally try to become familiar with them. Hopefully, they may make the papers more accessible to others, as well.

Apart from reading Ron Chernow's biography on Hamilton, this is an unfamiliar subject to me. I hope any misunderstandings or inaccuracies in my approach will therefore be understood by anyone who knows more than I do about this subject. Not hard ...

Notes for each paper will be posted as I read them. Keep track of my progress by the counter in the bottom corner.

The shortlist for the Man Booker Prize for 2018 was:

  • Anna Burns (UK) - Milkman (Faber & Faber)
  • Esi Edugyan (Canada) - Washington Black (Serpent’s Tail)
  • Daisy Johnson (UK) - Everything Under (Jonathan Cape)
  • Rachel Kushner (USA) - The Mars Room (Jonathan Cape)
  • Richard Powers (USA) - The Overstory (William Heinemann)
  • Robin Robertson (UK) - The Long Take (Picador)

The winner for 2018 was announced on 16 October. Anna Burns won for her novel Milkman which I predicted in our blog on 11 October. It was a guess. I hadn't read it at that time. I since have. My review for Milkman can be found here.

View the list of all Man Booker Prize Winners and those we have so far reviewed by clicking here.

In the long term, we hope to review all the Man Booker Prize winners.

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